To The Teeth

Sending this out in response to the Orlando Pulse shooting. What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. We keep letting guns be sold, hoping they wont be used to shoot people…


Birthday Reflections 2016

Hello world – I am 34 years old. Yesterday was my birthday. 34, I realize, is one of those years that I hadn’t really thought much about. I wondered what I would be doing at 30, or 35, but I…

Back in the Day Release!!

It's finally here!! Pre-Joe, 2004, pre-Coyote Grace, I wasn't even very folky yet! Check out the Store tab to download The Waterclock

Ye Olde release of pre-Joe tunes!

The Waterclock - my senior recital from Cornish College of the Arts will be available for download on SUNDAY DEC 20th!!

Guns and Cigarettes

I grew up in a house without guns. My parents are artists, they love a beautiful aria and a good book. We were not a hunting family, we didn’t even fish. I don’t recall one single conversation about guns. Their…


TDoR 2015

On Trans Day of Remembrance this year of 2015, in the midst of picking up the pieces from yet another defeat in my struggle for sobriety (sanity, life itself), I am wondering how many folks who’s names will be read…

Back on the Trail!!

I'll be back on the road newt week! Check the shows tab to see if there's a show near you!!

An Attitude of Gratitude

Hey folks!


I was in such a flurry to get the album done and get out of town on time, I haven’t had a minute to reflect on the process and give thanks where they are due. Scrambling out…