Many Thanks!

Happy 2022 folks!

Mine did not start out awesome, as the full broke-ness of post-stimulus pandemic finally caught up to me, as well as some of the wreckage from the last few years (that’s another blog:). Yesterday, in my blues, I thought to play some songs to keep my head up, and I figured I’d do like the old days and open my guitar case and see if anyone had any spare bills they might toss in. I did this unannounced, midday on a Tuesday, hoping I’d pick up one or two hundred bucks to get me through..

The response was so overwhelming I felt it warranted a blog post with a big THANK YOU to everyone for all your support! The pandemic, political and earth climate, along with my personal struggles have really been a one-two punch for this almost 40 year old songwriter with a lot of heart but precious little attention for the long-game.. It has been a steep learning curve in adulting these last few years, reality has landed with a thud (many thuds) along the carefree dirt road of my wayward life, forcing me to slow down and start looking ahead. The money that arrived in my Venmo will get me moving again – I can work on the musicals without so much stress, suss out new streams of income, save my body from excessive labor work, Keaton and I have many applications and unpaid hoops to jump through to continue on our budding career path as a songwriting team, my van needs some expensive love.. I hadn’t realized how big a self-employment structure I had actually built until it all came to a screeching halt two years ago. I see now that self-employment is not something that turns back on like a faucet – it’ll be a slow rebuild. Thank you, so so much, for helping me get back on the horse.

More to come – Keaton and I have a new director attached to Hills on Fire, we’ll be applying and looking for workshops this year. Albert Cashier may come around to tell more of his amazing story. I have a backlog of songs and covers to record and share. I say this every time, but I am recommitted to keeping y’all better informed about artistic goings-on – if the past few years have taught me anything, it’s that life is short and nothing can be taken for granted. Thank you again, for letting me know y’all are still here and still remember and appreciate the music 💜


Coyote Joe